Vision and Mission

The creation of a healthy and dynamic general insurance industry, and has a strong national capacity, to support economic growth.

  1. Providing reliable insurance protection
  2. Become the collector of the maximum amount of public funds
  3. Creating business opportunities and employment
  4. Become a strong and independent actor in the country
  5. Become a strong joint for national economic growth and development

AAUI functions are as follows:

  1. Unity and deliberation for the benefit of the general insurance industry.
  2. Communication, information and consultation forum among members.
  3. Agency that sets policy standardization and clauses according to industry needs and reference prices in general insurance products.
  4. The agency that is the work partner of the Financial Services Authority (OJK) or the authorized institution in the development and supervision of insurance businesses.
  5. Collaboration in handling specific risks which due to their nature require joint handling.
  6. Collaboration in campaigning for public awareness and insured understanding.
  7. Maintain public trust, protect consumers and prevent financial criminal actions/activities by using insurance and reinsurance.

While the main tasks of AAUI are as follows:

  1. Develop standards of practice and code of ethics for marketing insurance products in order to maintain a healthy market competition.
  2. Develop a risk profile.
  3. Optimizing national insurance retention capacity.
  4. Coordinate joint efforts in handling special risks
  5. Carry out insurance education and training.
  6. Issues general insurance agency certification.
  7. Cultivate and maintain harmony between members
  8. Menu increase awareness of members to comply with applicable laws.
  9. Realizing professional behavior as a sense of member responsibility to the community.
  10. Representing members in various forums, both government and other institutions, inside and outside the country.
  11. Creating a healthy and transparent business climate in order to realize the real role of the insurance industry in the development of the Indonesian economy.
  12. Create business opportunities and direct members to build national and international cooperation.