Legal Foundation

  • Constitution of 1945,
  • RI Law No. 1 of 1987 concerning about the Chamber of Commerce and Industry (KADIN),
  • Law No.21 of 2011 concerning about the Financial Services Authority (OJK),
  • Law No.40 of 2014 concerning Insurance Chapter XIV “Insurance Business Association” article 68 paragraph 1 and 2,
  • Decree of Congress and decision of general meeting of members of the Indonesian Insurance Council.

The Current AAUI

AAUI currently has 84 members, consisting of general insurance/loss companies and reinsurance companies (78 Insurance Companies & 6 reinsurance companies), as well as 27 branches spread across regions in Indonesia. AAUI is an organization that carries out all its business in a non-profit manner and by always complying with all applicable legal provisions. AAUI’s financial resources come from membership dues which consist of new members’ fees and annual contributions which consist of principal contributions and tiered contributions from AAUI members whose amounts are determined at the general meeting of members, businesses and other revenues that are legitimate and not contradictory and the purpose of AAUI.

2002 – Juni 2016                                                  per Juni 2016


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January 22, 2002

Congress of the Indonesian Insurance Council to X

On January 22-23 2002, the Xth Congress of the Indonesian Insurance Council (DAI) resulted in congressional decisions, one of which was to amend the Articles of Association (AD) so that the DAI organization was transformed into an organization whose members consisted of the Insurance Association, which was confirmed in the Congressional Decree number 6/congress/DAI/2002 dated January 23, 2002 which stipulated to accept and approve the establishment of an association formed by insurance companies former members of DAI.

June 21, 2002

The Establishment of AAUI

The General Insurance Association’s Articles of Association (AD) were first registered in State Gazette No.2 of 2002 – Supplement to the Republic of Indonesia State Gazette dated June 21, 2002 No. 50 and since then the Indonesian General Insurance Association has begun its work as an association that accommodates general insurance companies and reinsurance companies.

January 2012

The Occupy of New Building

Since its establishment in 2002 the AAUI secretariat has its office at the Indonesian Insurance Council Building, which is on Majapahit St. 34 Blok V no. 29, Central Jakarta. Over time, at the beginning of January 2012 AAUI inaugurated and occupied a new building in Kuningan building no. 2, Kuningan Mulya St. Kav 9C, South Jakarta.