PT. Asuransi Sarana Lindung Upaya established by the Bank Jateng Employee Welfare Foundation in collaboration with the private sector, headquartered in Semarang City. Then PT SLU’s capital was strengthened by the statement of the BPD Central Java pension fund, the BPD East Java pension fund, the DKI BPD pension fund, and the West Java BPD pension fund. With this increase in capital participation, branch offices were gradually opened in the provincial capital, namely in Jakarta, Surabaya, Bandung and Semarang.

SLU Insurance has been established for almost 30 years in Indonesia and has become a trustworthy general insurance company, serving many companies and reaching many layers of Indonesian society.

Address :
Jl. Kelud Raya No. 58
Semarang –
Phone : 024 8502439 – 8413446
Fax : 024 8315736
Email :

For more information can be obtained through the website