Founded on November 27, 1993 in Jakarta, PT Asuransi Jasaraharja Putera (JP-INSURANCE) has provided extensive insurance services to communities throughout Indonesia for two decades.

Currently, 27 Branch Offices and 87 Marketing Offices of JP-INSURANCE spread throughout the archipelago provide solutions for the needs of loss insurance and Surety Bond (Suretyship) services which are packaged as JP-BONDING. In the Indonesian insurance industry, known as a pioneer of Surety Bond – a financial products to support the smooth running of the project.

Developing on the basis of customer satisfaction, from year to year JP-INSURANCE always records good and increasing financial performance. A solid company balance sheet is evidenced by the company’s rating with a rating of id A+ (Single A+: Stable Outlook).

Executed on a business foundation built through consistent, consistent implementation of the principles of good corporate governance (GCG) and supported by a strong, honest, disciplined, responsive, careful and polite corporate culture. JP-INSURANCE is getting more and more trust from customers and business partners, so it is more confident that it can fly itself into a leading insurance company in Indonesia in accordance with the Company’s Vision.

Address :
Wisma Raharja
Jl. TB Simatupang Kav. 1 Cilandak
Jakarta – 12560
Phone : 021 78844444
Fax : 021 78841234
Email :

For more information can be obtained through the website