PT Arthagraha General Insurance has been present to serve the Indonesian people for more than 40 years. The company’s history began with PT. Maskapai Asuransi Tjahyana in 1964. Then in 1966 PT Maskapai Asuransi Tjahyana was acquired by the Arthritis Group and the name of the company changed to PT. Arthagraha General Insurance. This acquisition by the Arthagraha group has become an important stage in the future business development of PT. Arthagraha General Insurance to achieve its goals and vision, namely to become a leading insurance company with complete products and professional services, which are recognized and trusted by the wider community.

Address :
Jl. Mangga Besar Raya No. 104
Jakarta Pusat – 10740
Phone : 021 5152808 – 6290892
Fax : 021 5152809 – 6291145
Email :

For more information can be obtained through the website