Dadang Sukresna Serves the Chair of the Indonesian Insurance Board

The Indonesian Insurance Council officially appointed Dadang Sukresna as Chairperson of the Indonesian Insurance Board for the period 2018-2021.

The process of the election of Dadang Sukresna was through the process at the annual meeting of management changes for the period 2018-2021, Monday 30 April 2018 at Maipark Ballroom AAUI. The meeting which was attended by DAI supervisors, DAI members and the DAI secretariat began at two in the afternoon.

By acclamation, the meeting chose Mr. Dadang Sukresna to replace Hendrisman Rahim who has been in office since 2014. Currently he also serves as Chairman of AAUI for the period 2017-2019.

Before the meeting was closed, Dadang Sukresna gave a speech which in essence thanked Mr. Hendrisman Rahim and all DAI officials who had been carrying out the DAI management duties, and subsequently asked for support for all DAI members and attendees, and also stated that there were many jobs what must be done includes in the field of education and also revitalizes DAI, because that is the support of all members of the DAI and the attendees of the meeting participants are expected.

Dewan Asuransi Indonesia (DAI) was established from the results of the National Insurance Congress in Bogor on 25-30 November 1956. The first General Chairman of the DAI was Mr. B. Nasution.

The name DAI was changed to FAPI (Federation of Indonesian Insurance Associations) based on the Xth DAI Congress on January 22, 2002. At that time FAPI was associated with associations, namely AAIJ, AAUI and AAJSI. The three associations, apart from being members, are also founders of the DAI Federation.

In 2007, based on the Letter of Civil Director of the Department of Law and Human Rights, FAPI was changed again to use the name of the Indonesian Insurance Board (DAI) until now.

Congratulations to Mr. Dadang Sukresna, hopefully bringing the insurance industry forward.

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