AAUI The Most Inspiring Agent Award 2018”

The Indonesian General Insurance Association (AAUI) again held an awarding event for agents with the theme “AAUI 2018’s Most Inspiring Agent Award”, at Hotel Luwansa, Jakarta, Friday (07/27/2018).

Tabita Endang, from PT. Asuransi Wahana Tata successfully became AAUI 2018’s Most Inspiring Agent Award after defeating 19 other finalists. Meanwhile the second rank fell to Achmad Naufal from PT. Asuransi Wahana Tata, while the third rank was given to Pua Terpase Mochsen from PT. Jasa Indonesia (Persero).

This award is the third time held by AAUI. Chairman of AAUI, Dadang Sukresna said, with this award, it was expected to attract the public’s interest in pursuing the profession as an agent that was quite promising. With this award is expected to attract the public to join as an insurance agent.

With this event, public knowledge of insurance will slowly increase. The awarding of the AAUI Agent Award this time is an event to choose the best agent not based on the acquisition of premiums while being an agent, but based on the activities of an agent who inspires many people who are the judges’ calculations.

The goal is to continue to develop the general insurance agency, because currently the number of general insurance agencies is still fairly low with the current data of a total of 34.453 general insurance agents, this number is very small compared to the number of agencies in life insurance that has reached 500 thousand agents. So, now the AAUI is working hard for the agency to be more developed.

But besides continuing to increase the number of agents, AAUI also conducts continuing education for each agent, as mandated by Law No.40 of 2014 concerning Insurance.

At this year’s event, as many as 19 participants from 13 general insurance companies who became candidates for AAUI 2018’s Most Inspiring Agent Award, later from the 19 people will be chosen to be 6 nominees and then one person was chosen to become 2018’s The Most Inspiring Agent Award.

This event is intended to convince customers amid low interest in insurance. For this reason, AAUI hopes that this time the AAUI Agent Award, agents who inspire can share with fellow agents or the general public so that they can be more aware.

In this event also AAUI also introduced “AAUI e-certification” the launch of this application was deliberately made to facilitate prospective general insurance agents to get agency certification in the general insurance industry.

This digital agent certification application has already been put into use in April 2018. With this application, AAUI targets an additional new agent of around 6.000 from the total target of 10.000 agents this year.

Executive Director of the Indonesian General Insurance Association (AAUI) Dody Achmad Sudiyar Dalimunthe said, e-certification is in accordance with Law Number 40 of 2014 concerning Insurance where the OJK authorizes the association to certify agents.

All this time AAUI has certified general insurance agents by holding face-to-face meetings in the form of agency workshops and agency examinations. This scheme requires participants to provide special time and place to take the agency exam.

Through e-certification, the implementation of the agent test can be carried out by the agent anywhere and anytime through the application on the smartphone. Thus, the presence of this application will make it easier for agents to take the agent certification exam.

The application also contains the material to be tested so that the agent can study independently before the exam. “If you pass, the agent’s certificate card will immediately come out in digital form,” he said. The AAU e-certification application can be used on Android and iOS-based smartphones. .

A total of 83 general insurance and reinsurance companies that are members of AAUI membership are present in the row of seats that have been provided. Entertainment music and motivational sessions by James Gwee were the opening of the 2018 The Most Inspiring Agent Award.

In this event, awards were also given to the companies that carried out the most agency certification, while the winners of the 2017 AAUI Agent Award were Ismail Muchlish from PT. Bumipute ra Muda 1967 Insurance as AAUI 2017 Most Inspiring Agent, after defeating 13 other candidates, and passing the question and answer process with the jury.

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