AAUI 4th International Insurance Seminar

AAUI Again held the International Insurance Seminar for the fourth time. The International Insurance Seminar program itself is an official agenda that is routinely held by AAUI. The 4th International Insurance Seminar was held on April 26, 2018 at Ayana MidPlaza Jakarta.

With the theme “Changing Consumer Behavior”. Technological developments make people expect access to financial services that are fast and practical. On the one hand, this is an opportunity to widen the insurance market, but on the other hand, there are limitations that are no less serious.

The financial industry is one that is experiencing rapid development with the development of technology, the other two are media and entertainment. Therefore, digitizing the insurance industry, which is indicated by the emergence of digital insurance is a necessity.

Citing data of “Digital in 2017: Southeast Asia” and “We Are Social and Hootsuite (2017)”, out of 262 million population in Indonesia, 50% of them, or about 132.7 million people are internet users, 106 million are active users. social media, and 92 million people are active users of social media through a mobile application.

This shows the high demand for real time information and responses that are fast and precise, and their desire to get easy access and services wherever and whenever.

Chairman of AAUI, Dadang Sukresna, said the phenomenon of the development of digital technology at this time must be addressed reactively by the general insurance industry players.

Teknologi tidak hanya mengubah perilaku individu dalam melakukan kegiatan sehari-hari, namun juga mengubah perilaku pelaku bisnis dalam menjalankan bisnisnya,”—Eng: “Technology not only changes the behavior of individuals in carrying out daily activities, but also changes the behavior of business people in running their business,” Dadang Sukresna said in his welcoming speech on Thursday (04/26/2018)

“Through this activity, AAUI is firmly committed to continuing to support the literation program and financial inclusion of the government and OJK, as well as encouraging the general insurance industry players to better prepare themselves in facing the challenges of technological development, including in terms of risk management that must also be continuously developed” he added .

In this prestigious event, Director of Supervision of BPJS and OJK Insurance, Achmad Nasrullah, gave a keynote-speech and at the same time will open the 4th International Insurance Seminar.

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