Harapan Harapan Pratama Insurance (Company) was established on May 28, 1982 based on Trisnawati Mulia, SH No. 76 Notarial Deed which was approved by the Minister of Justice of the Republic of Indonesia in Decree No. C2-1325.HT.01.01.Th.82 dated 21 September 1982.

The company is headquartered in Jakarta and has branches in Bandung and Surabaya as well as marketing offices in South Jakarta, Central Jakarta, Semarang and Medan.

The company began commercial operations as a loss insurance company since 1983 based on a Business License from the Minister of Finance of the Republic of Indonesia No. 633 / MD / 1983 dated 11 February 1983.

Address :
Jl. Balikpapan Raya No. 9
Jakarta pusat – 10130
Phone : 021 6348760 – 3845678
Fax : 021 63864480 – 3451352
Email : harta@asuransi-harta.co.id

For more information can be obtained through the website http://asuransi-harta.co.id